Inspection Services & Add-Ons

Precision Home Inspection

A Precision home inspection will include all components required to be inspected by the Texas Real Estate Commissions Standards of Practice. Click here for a detailed list of items to be inspected. We understand that purchasing a home could be one of the largest investments you ever make. With that in mind we do our job diligently so that you have all the information you need to make a wise decision.

Phase Inspections

A Precision Phase inspection takes place over 3 critical phases of new home construction.

  • Phase 1 takes place pre-pour or pre-placement of the foundation.
  • Phase 2 takes place after electrical and plumbing has been “roughed-in” and prior to the installation of drywall.
  • Phase 3 takes place when construction has ended and the build is complete.

Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Most builders offer some type of warranty when you buy a new home. We’ll walk our client through a Precision home inspection, pointing out items that should be brought to the builder’s attention. The client is encouraged to take photos and notes which they can confidently use in discussions with the builder before the warranty is up!

Sprinkler System Inspections

A sprinkler system can be a valuable and even vital component of a home when functioning properly. We’ll find out by running the system through each programmed zone, locating and assessing any auxiliary components such as a rain gauge or back-flow preventer, and looking for any visible defects that should be corrected.

Pool & Spa Inspections

During a pool/spa inspection, we’ll determine whether or not the appropriate safety features are in place, inspect the pool’s structural and electrical components, and operate all the pool equipment so you’ll know exactly what works, what doesn’t, and what condition the pool/spa is in prior to buying a home.

Infrared (IR) Inspection

An infrared camera detects slight changes in a temperature allowing a well-trained inspector to detect possible water leaks, missing insulation, and deficiencies in the electrical system otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

Zip Level - Digital Foundation Inspection

A zip level uses an extremely precise altimeter to measure elevations in the foundation at different points. That data is digitized allowing the inspector to quantify elevation variations and report that data in a clear and concise way.

Repair Pricer and Repair Pricer Premium

Repair pricer is a 3rd party company based in Austin that uses our inspection report to create a highly detailed repair cost estimate, delivered to you within 24hrs. Repair pricer premium creates the same detailed repair cost estimate but delivers it to you within 6 hours! In addition, the premium report includes information such as insurance claim history, flood zone determination, sales history, was the home ever a meth lab? Repair Pricer premium will let you know! If you’d like to know as much as possible about the home you’re interested in purchasing, this add-on is for you! Both are powerful negotiating tools!

4-Point Inspection

There are four essential elements to a home that are often covered in an insurance claim: electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and roof systems. Instead of a thorough review of the whole home, a 4-point inspection only covers the aforementioned elements. This means its quicker and less costly than a regular inspection, while providing all the information your insurer requires.

Draw Inspections

A draw inspection is something a hard money lender utilizes to protect and monitor their investment. A lender will hire an inspector to visit a job site, assess each stage of a project, and report back to the lender, making sure the progress matches up with the timeline created at the beginning of a project before releasing any more funds.